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Vote Leave to Improve National Security

After we Vote Leave we will act quickly to protect national security and save money

9th May 2016
This weekend, Michael Gove highlighted the dangers of the European Courts having a say over our intelligence services and its ability to rule on what data we can share with our allies like the US and Australia. He pointed out that Britain’s intelligence network with the Five Eyes Alliance (USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) is the cornerstone of the fight against the global terror threat, not the proposed new structures the EU wants to create, which would undermine these valuable and established alliances.

Gove writes: "There are things, however, that can and should be done very quickly after 23 June to protect national security and save money. We can amend the ECA:

To exempt the intelligence agencies from EU law, immediately improving national security. For example, the European Court’s upcoming ruling on the UK’s surveillance regime, held back until after the referendum, will have no impact on the security services’ powers to protect us.

To end the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights to the UK. We were originally promised it would have no legal effect in Britain then the ECJ made clear it does have effect. David Cameron promised a ‘complete opt out’ from the Charter. This never happened and the problem of the Charter is unaddressed in the Government’s recent deal.

To allow the deportation of EU citizens whose presence is not conducive to the public good, enabling us to remove violent criminals, rapists and terrorist sympathisers, such as convicted murderers or Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law, regardless of what the European Court says.

To exempt the Armed Forces from the scope of EU law, preventing the risk of the European Court using the Charter to take control of the military.

To end multibillion tax refunds to big business under EU law, protecting our public services by saving between £7.2 billion and £42.9 billion (£270 and £1,589 per household respectively) by 2020-21.

Julian Lewis MP writes in the Telegraph that "Far from keeping Britain safe, the European Union is a threat to peace."

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