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Six in ten Brexit-voters say significant damage to the economy is a price worth paying to quit the EU

(1/8/17) BREXITEERS are so dedicated to the cause of leaving the EU that four in ten would be prepared to give up their jobs to ensure it happens, new research reveals. Polling from YouGov showed that 39 per cent Leavers said that even if our EU exit caused them or a relative to be out of a job, it would still be a price worth paying. Read the full article in The Sun

European Brexit battle heats up: London set to continue outpacing biggest rivals despite efforts to claw away City jobs

(31/7/17) London will continue to outpace its biggest financial rivals in Europe despite increased EU efforts to claw at the City’s supremacy. The UK capital’s GDP is forecast to grow at a rate of 2.3 per cent annually between 2017 and 2021, ahead of Paris’ 1.6 per cent and Frankfurt’s 1.5 per cent, according to an Oxford Economics report out today. Read the full article on City A.M.

Philip Hammond is playing a calculating game of Brexit sabotage

(31/7/17) Theresa May had hardly stepped off the plane in Italy before Philip Hammond launched into Project Fear Mark II, declaring Britain had to put the brakes on its negotiations with Brussels because “literally nobody wants a post-Brexit migration cliff-edge”.

This must have brought a warm glow to the heart of his predecessor George Osborne, for whom scare-mongering and false assumptions were a political stock in trade. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Remainiac Philip Hammond is leading the country into a disaster by calling for three year Brexit transition deal

(31/7/17) WATCH out, Theresa! While you are enjoying a dangerously long holiday in the Swiss Alps, treacherous Philip Hammond is leading your Cabinet by the nose into a Brexit trap. The Remainiac Chancellor’s beguiling call for a three-year glide path OUT of the European Union is in fact a devious plot to keep us IN, for ever. Read the full article in The Sun

'We COULD walk' EU warned Britain could leave with NO DEAL over ECJ citizens' rights row

(27/7/17) A SENIOR minister has revealed that there is “a very good chance” Britain could walk away from Brexit talks over Brussels’ stubborn refusal to back down over the rule of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The leading member of the Government has told the Daily Express that the European Commission’s uncompromising demand that Britain continues to submit to the ECJ over citizen rights, trade, nuclear cooperation and other areas after Brexit “is a very, very big problem indeed”. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Remoaners hate fact that economy is performing well

(27/7/17) EVER since the EU referendum last summer the Remoaners have been sounding the mournful drumbeat of economic gloom. But their dire predictions have turned out to be baseless. Far from sinking into crisis the British economy continues to perform well. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Nigel Farage accuses the Government of 'betraying' Brexit by 'selling out' those most concerned by immigration

(26/7/17) Nigel Farage today accused the Government of overseeing the 'great Brexit betrayal' and 'selling out' the strongest supporters of quitting the EU.

The ex Ukip leader slammed the failure to pursue an immediate cut in immigration amid debate over a transition deal that could see the borders left open for years. Mr Farage said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had a 'tougher line' on EU migrants. Read the full article in the Daily Mail

Reality bites: the Brexit negotiations seen from the other side of the Channel

(24/7/17) This post by Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive and Chief Economist of The European Policy Centre (EPC) shows the inflexibility of the EU27 in negotiations. It seems they'd prefer the UK to leave the EU than concede on the "role of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the exit payment, the rights of EU citizens and even (temporarily) continued freedom of movement of EU citizens." That's fine by us! Read the post in the EPC website

The EPC is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to fostering European integration through analysis and debate.

EU has upper hand? Deprived of UK cash bloc will be on brink of COLLAPSE

(22/7/17) THERE is a received wisdom among diehard Remainers that the EU has the upper hand in the negotiations regarding Britain’s exit from the EU. Just how big a nonsense this is has become clear with the publication of the minutes from a meeting in Brussels last week between Barnier and the House of Lords’ EU select committee. Read the full post in the Daily Express

It’s not Brexit that’s scaring migrants away

(21/7/17) It’s a terrible irony that so many who have settled in this country now needlessly feel afraid, not because of hordes of racists and xenophobes roaming the country, but because of fantastical media reports that pretend these hordes actually exist. Read the full post in Spiked

'Leaving EU in name ONLY' Farage warns Brexit will see Brussels rule courts AND borders

(23/7/17) Nigel Farage has revealed that he is growing extremely concerned that Brexit will happen in name only. The former Ukip leader told the BBC's The World Tonight that Britain started to slide down a slippery slope by diluting what people voted for in the EU referendum.

In a scathing assessment, the leading voice of the Brexit cause said the Government was trying to distort the referendum by keeping open borders and European courts. He warned that big business which backed Remain as well as joining the euro was dominating the argument around Brexit. Read the full story in the Daily Express

Brexit: Trade Secretary slams ‘biased’ BBC for ‘wilfully’ ignoring positive news

(23/7/17) Dr Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, has written to BBC Director-General Tony Hall seeking a meeting about the corporation’s “biased” coverage of Brexit. “I cannot recall a single time in recent times when I have seen good economic news that the BBC did not describe as ‘despite Brexit’,” he blasted in his letter Lord Hall, which was seen by The Telegraph. Read the full post on Breitbart London

Eurozone faces doom no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, warns top investment bank

(15/7/17) The eurozone is likely to break up no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, one of the world’s biggest investment banks is warning. A senior employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the single currency bloc has been gradually falling apart ever since it was formed almost 20 years ago. Read the full story in the Daily Mail

Vince Cable Remain crusade OUTRAGE over claims civil servants are briefing AGAINST Brexit

(13/7/17) Sir Vince Cable has revealed that civil servants in Whitehall are briefing against Brexit and are briefing politicians that Britain will not leave the EU. The revelation by the Twickenham MP who is running to become leader of the Lib Dems has provoked fury among Brexit campaigners who have demanded that “unpatriotic, EU sympathisers” are removed from the civil service. Read the full story in the Daily Express

Politico - Brexit can still be stopped

(11/7/17 The UK’s act of self-harm can still be reversed, but only if the British public plays its part. Doubting the inevitability of Brexit is suddenly in vogue. Read the full post in Politico

German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit negotiations

(9/7/17) German industry has warned Britain not to rely on its help in securing a good Brexit deal, in a stark intervention that strikes a blow at the government’s EU departure plans. Senior ministers have repeatedly claimed since the election that Germany’s powerful exporters will exert pressure for a deal handing Britain substantial access to the EU’s markets. Read the full story in The Observer

Mike Hookem MEP - "Withdrawal from London Fisheries Convention must be coupled with clarifications on Government’s intentions for the UK’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone"

(2/7/17) UKIP Fisheries Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has said he fears another “wholesale betrayal” of Britain’s fishing communities after it was announced the government will finally withdraw from the London Fisheries Convention; but failed to give assurances on restricting access for EU vessels in the UK’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) post-Brexit. Read the full post on the UKIP main website

More of Osborne's Project Fear nonsense: 'Cancer patients in Brexit scare'

(10/7/17) George Osborne is enjoying himself and the front page of today’s Standard basically implies Brexit will give you cancer. This will apparently be a consequence of the UK leaving Euratom – the European Atomic Energy Community. Allegedly it will mean nuclear scientists and material will not be able to cross borders. See the full post by Euro Guido

All the rights EU citizens in the UK are set to lose after Brexit

(27/6/17) Theresa May on Monday released what she described as a "generous offer" to EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit. The plans, which will form part of the negotiations with the EU, were sold as offering Europeans living here rights which are "almost equivalent to British citizens". However, the plans as they stand do involve the loss of a number of existing rights for EU citizens. Here's all the degradation of rights that will affect European citizens living in the UK after Brexit. Read the full story on Business Insider

BBC struggle to find Rotherham Europhiles for show as steelworks praises ‘Brexit boost’

(2/7/17) A BBC show exploring what is next with Brexit struggled to find regretful Leave voters in Rotherham – with all of those interviewed standing by their decision to leave.BBC economics editor Kamal Ahmed arrived in Rotherham, where his mother was born, to see if locals had turned against Brexit and changed their minds “after a year of turmoil”. But all of the leave voters in Rotherham interviewed by the programme stood firmly by their decision to leave the European superstate. Read the full article in the Daily Express

'Commission is FURIOUS with us' Tory Brexiteer reveals EU rage on farming & customs union

(30/6/17) Owen Paterson said the EU body was seething at the idea of a £10billion shortfall after the UK exits the bloc after making the case for the “massive” opportunities now awaiting Britain. Speaking on BBC Two’s Daily Politics, the Tory MP said rising standards around the world meant there were more markets for the UK to export to. Read the full article in the Daily Express

'Ridiculous hubris' Brussels wants to retain INDEFINITE right to fine Britain AFTER Brexit

(30/6/17) Eurocrats dropped a Brexit bombshell on Theresa May as they published a list of extensive demands which would see the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the EU Commission retain their stranglehold on the UK long after our departure. The dynamite revelations were buried deep in a series of positioning papers published by Michel Barnier’s team this evening and are likely to be ferociously opposed by British negotiators. Read the full article in the Daily Express

New study finds the UK is 'more eurosceptic than ever' as it heads towards Brexit

The UK is more eurosceptic than ever following the EU referendum, with 75% of people saying they want to leave the EU or limit its powers. Education is the best way of identifying how people voted in the referendum, as only 22% of graduates voted Leave. Concern over immigration was the dominant reason for voting Leave - 73% who are worried about it voted Leave. The idea that people voted Leave because of disenfranchisement with politics "are largely wide of the mark." Read the full post on Business Insider

Britain would vote to leave EU again one year after EU Referendum

(26/6/17) One year after the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union (EU) the British public would vote by the same margin to leave the bloc, a poll has revealed. The survey, conducted to coincide with the first anniversary of the Brexit vote, predicts that 52 per cent of voters would choose to leave the EU, with 48 per cent voting to remain. Read the full article on Breitbart London

Bloomberg: Despite Brexit, London's place as a leading global financial centre looks safe

(27/6/17) Ever since Britain voted to leave the European Union, analysts have debated the City's fate. In 2016, the British financial services sector employed over one million people (3.1 percent of all U.K. jobs) and contributed around 7.2 percent of the U.K.’s total gross value added, just over half of it from London. Any threat to the sector - and to London's place as arguably the leading global financial center - would be a major blow.

Fortunately for the U.K., Brexit itself won't erode the significant advantages London currently enjoys. Perhaps more importantly, neither will it help European rivals build up similar advantages. Read the full article on Bloomberg

Brexit boom: Business confidence reaches 18-month high as negotiations begin

(26/6/17) The Lloyds Bank Business in Britain reports confidence index rose to 24 per cent and has doubled since the days after the Brexit vote. The overall confidence index tracks expected profits, sales and orders over the next six months. Read the full article in the Daily Express

Tory Brexit confusion: Chancellor says UK should stay in Customs Union

(20/6/17) The Chancellor of the exchequer has demanded Britain remains subjected to the existing customs arrangements of the EU, unable to make new trade deals, until a new “long term” system is agreed. Philip Hammond – a stanch Remainer who has advocated a “soft-Brexit” inside the Single Market – also appeared to contradict the prime minister’s position on immigration. Read the full article on Breitbart London

Der Spiegel's view on the UK and Brexit after 'Calamity May's general election flop: 'A Wave of Anger Crashes over Britain'

(15/6/17) Europe used to have a fearful respect of the Tories. But those days have long since passed. Now, the weakened party may have accidentally killed off Brexit - a pet project that most party leaders didn't want in the first place. Read the full - and very ignorant - article in Der Spiegel

‘No way’ UK can get passporting rights after Brexit, says former Luxembourg finance minister

(17/6/17) U.K. financial services firms will definitely not be able to carry on business as normal within the European Union (EU) after it leaves the bloc, according to Luc Frieden, who has held several portfolios within the Luxembourg cabinet over the past few decades. Read the full article on Yahoo!

Prince Andrew says there may be 'fresh grass' for British business after Brexit

(16/6/17) Prince Andrew, who stepped down as the UK's roving business ambassador six years ago, said he had "no idea" how the country's exit from the European Union would play out and warned of "upheaval." However, he also claimed there were opportunities outside the bloc and the "world is your oyster." Read the full article in the Daily Telegraph
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