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Ensure Leave Means Leave
"This is, without doubt, one of the most important days in the history of our great country. To claim back our independence and our democracy from the EU is a truly tremendous feat and our thanks go out to all who supported the Brexit campaign.

"UKIP has done more for this country in the last twenty years than any other political party and we should be proud of what we have achieved. We truly are 'the people's army'."

Paul Bullen
Branch Chairman
24th June 2016

More and More Uncontrolled Immigration

In November 2003, David Blunkett, the then home secretary, shocked the nation by stating that there was no obvious upper limit to immigration. True to his word, the Labour government continued to loosen the UK’s border controls and during its period in office net foreign migration was officially 3.5 million people. Read More

Boris makes the case for voting to leave

Boris Johnson made an important speech today making it clear why we should take back control from the EU. He said that the Prime Minister’s renegotiation had not changed our relationship with the EU, and that it proved that Brussels is incapable of reform. Read More

Vote Leave to improve national security

Michael Gove highlights the dangers of the European Courts having a say over our intelligence services and its ability to rule on what data we can share. Read More...

Adrian Dent Joins the UKIP Group

Adrian Dent
Councillor Adrian Dent, the Cambridgeshire County Councillor for the Bassingbourn Division, has, today, announced his resignation from both the Conservative Party and the Conservative Group on Cambridgeshire County Council. He has decided to join the UK Independence Party and he has been accepted onto the UKIP Group at Cambridgeshire County Council by Councillor Paul Bullen the UKIP Group Leader.

Councillor Dent stated “I have thought long and hard about this decision and it has not been taken lightly. There are many reasons for my decision but I feel that the Conservative Party is no longer the Democratic Party that I originally joined. The Conservative Group within Cambridgeshire County Council has made numerous decisions where I feel my and my electorate’s voice has not been heard. A number of decisions that I have been told to accept have been made by those of a louder voice and position of power within the group and, in my opinion, this is not what I or my electorate want. I am joining the UK Independence Party as, I believe, it more closely aligns itself to many of the fundamental policies that I firmly believe in and it does not operate a whip in Cambridgeshire County Council which enables me to properly represent the needs of my constituents”.

Councillor Bullen stated that Councillor Dent is a man of principle with high moral standards and that he will be a great asset to the UKIP Group. Furthermore, His decision to leave a party that he has been a member of for most of his life shows how much the Conservative Party has changed.

Let's Take Back Control!

Let's Take Back Control!
On Saturday the 20th of February, the Prime Minister announced that the full weight of the Government machine will be used to campaign to keep us in the EU. But six members of his Cabinet immediately declared that they’ll be campaigning to leave the EU. A growing number of other Ministers and MPs are already joining them. We support all groups campaigning to leave the EU and congratulate Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, John Whittingdale, Chris Grayling, Theresa Villiers and Priti Patel for their principled stand.

Nigel Farage's full speech to conference

3,881,129 Votes

Congratulations to Douglas Carswell

Despite Nigel Farage and Tim Aker missing their target seats there is much to be positive about and we have momentum to take us into the EU Referendum and 2020.
Nationally our share of the votes was 12.6%, in England 14.1%. Up from 3% in 2010. We are second in over 110 seats. (Map to follow).

vote share change since 2010 after all seats declare

We in Huntingdon & South Cambs want to thank both the voters who swung behind us and all the candidates for their strong campaigns and messages. We are looking forward to the district council race in 2016 and of course - the EU Referendum!

Constituency results are posted on their constituency map pages.


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