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In Memoriam - David Birnie

It was with sadness that we recently learned of the death of David Birnie. Many of you will remember that he was our Treasurer and Membership Secretary for some time. It was appreciated that both roles were always undertaken efficiently and assiduously. Furthermore, he gave a significant amount of time and effort to several election campaigns. On behalf of the branch Margaret King has sent a condolence card to his widow, Diane.


May throwing your vote away
(01/11/18) Who can really claim they understand the state of Brexit negotiations and what deal we will end up with? But what is clear is that the past few months have been a humiliation for our country. Our supine and uncertain Prime Minister has let our once-great country be subjected to open ridicule and allowed us to be bullied by the EU. Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on, mouths agape, scarcely able to believe that this is the country that once ruled a quarter of the globe, won two world wars and produced some of the greatest leaders in the form of Churchill and Thatcher.

It's clear as leaks emerge that May, via her Remoaner stooge Olly Robbins, has been seeking to keep the UK in the customs union and has only been prevented from doing so by a Cabinet that, for all its divisions, is united in realising that unless a time-limit is imposed on this the UK would be stuck in the customs union forever. We'd be in limbo, half-in and half-out of the EU.

It's quite clear that Theresa May is ignoring the instruction that the people of this country gave to her government - to leave the EU. Without UKIP snapping at her kitten heels, your vote on 23rd June 2016 would be ignored as she wilts under pressure from Remoaners in the Tory party, the media, Big Business and the EU bullies. It is clear that #Maymustgo and the sooner the better. Until then it is incumbent on us to continue to make the case for a clean Brexit.

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